Breastfeeding Consultation

I approach and counsel infant feeding from a biological perspective.

I know that, like other mammals, human mothers have an innate ability to nourish and nurture their offspring - AND their babies have Primitive Feeding Reflexes (PNR) that facilitate crawling, rooting, wide open gape and a deep latch.

This has been confirmed by research.

For some reason it takes years for research on breastfeeding to reach some maternity care doctors and nurses and I frequently see new mothers who simply got poor information and support in the hospital.

Many nurses have never heard of PNR's and surprisingly some lactation educators haven't either!

All this is covered in my comprehensive Breastfeeding 101 class and also during my breastfeeding consultation.


My fee is $100 for the initial visit of 2+ hours, payable by cash or check. This fee is re-imbursable through your insurance provider.

Breast Crawl

When left undisturbed, babies - that do not have narcotics on board - will go through 9 distinct stages after birth. During that "Magical Hour" (or two) a newborn will crawl to a breast, root, bob their head, gape, take the nipple, self attach and suckle with little to no assistance from ... ANYONE.

The person helping the newborn breastfeed should be the mother.

Even if your baby received Fentanyl or other opoid from your epidural or pain injection, s/he will be able to do quite well with just a little more help and patience from it's mother.

Lots of skin to skin and patience is all that is needed.