Baby Wearing

in the hospital.

Kangaroo Care

And then

at home

Baby "wearing" - now called "Kangaroo Care" is really "Biological Nurturing" carried forward .... something human mothers have done from the very beginning of time. Why? Because babies cry less and feed better when they are in close body contact (worn) by a parent or other close care giver.

Baby wearing should begin - in the hospital Skin-to-Skin as often as possible and then continued at home.

Once home, fathers find that they love to wear their babies and that it promotes attachment and bonding with their little ones.

Mothers find that they are more mobile when wearing their babies and find it much easier to care for other children when they have both hands free. Most parents find that adjustable soft baby wraps or special "pocketed" shirts work best. The adjustable wraps do just that.....they adjust for the growing baby - up to a few years old!