A little about me

Jeanne Wade, CMA, ICCE, CLC, CLE, CD, CHBE

My history:

Certified by the International Childbirth Education Asso-ciation (ICEA), and with a CA state teaching credential in parenting, I have been providing lactation, childbirth, postpartum and parenting education and support for over 30 years. I also worked in a large OB-Gyn clinic for 26 years.

I also hold certifications as a Lactation Educator/Consultant through UCLA and the Evergreen Perinatal Education, LLC. And, I am a certified “Happiest Baby” Instructor.

Along with my lactation certifications, I received primary and advanced training in Biological Nurturing® & Laid-Back/Natural Breastfeeding with the researcher and author, Suzanne Colson, RGN, RM, Ph.D.

I am also privileged to be a certified (ICEA) birth and postpartum Doula (now retired) and have welcomed many babies into the world as well as helping new mamas on their journey to early motherhood.

I provide in home, one-on-one breastfeeding consultations and support (see reviews on Yelp). To schedule an appointment, see my contact information below.


I concentrate my efforts on helping new parents in the Roseville area through private, in home breastfeeding consultations. and classes.

To help parents reach their personal goals for breastfeeding, I teach private or small group classes on Breastfeeding along with how to navigate and accomplish the task of continuing to breastfeed with the need to go back-to-work.

I also teach the Happiest Baby on the BlockTM classes in private or small groups. These classes help new parents reduce stress and learn how to soothe their newborn quickly and easily .


I am an active member of the Placer County Breastfeeding Coalition.

My philosophy:

I believe that women, who are informed, empowered and prepared, have a much better chance of experiencing a safer and much more satisfying birth.

Women who have a more physiological birth (normal/natural birth) tend to have an easier transition into breastfeeding as well.

A physiological birth brings into play all the necessary hormones that support birth and facilitate the onset of lactation.

However, physiological birth is not common and breastfeeding difficulties are.

I am here to help you !

No mammal who has birth taken from her [in a strange place, with medication, anesthesia and/or surgery] goes on to nurse her young easily, or even to mother easily. It’s not breastfeeding that’s the problem........

It's the Birth!

For more detail on how birth can affect breastfeeding go to the tab It's the Birth

Jeanne Wade, CMA, ICCE, CLC, CLE, CD, CHBE