Jeanne Wade, CMA, ICCE, CLC, CLE, CD, CHBE

ertified by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), Jeanne has 
been providing labor and postpartum education and support for over 30 years. She is also certified as a Lactation Educator/Consultant (UCLA & Evergreen Perinatal Edu.), and is a certified “Happiest Baby” Instructor. 
Holding a California State [Adult] teaching credential and with Birthing From Within training, Jeanne taught Early Pregnancy, Childbirth Preparation, Breastfeeding, and Parenting courses in Santa Clara County for over 30 years. Jeanne is also certified birth and postpartum Doula (retired)

Although retired from teaching Childbirth Prep. and Doula support, Jeanne now concentrates her efforts on helping new moms in the Roseville area reach their personal goals for breastfeeding - in their own homes.  Along with her lactation education certification, Jeanne has obtained advance training in Biological Nurturing® - Laid Back Breastfeeding with Dr. Suzanne Colson.  Jeanne continues to teach Happiest Baby  classes. The cornerstone of this proven technique [the 5 S's] is swaddling. Infant swaddling is safe, very effective and easy when it  is done correctly and for the appropriate reasons.  Jeanne is also teaching a couples breastfeeding class and a class for moms that are going back to work at the Kiddie Academy in Roseville (see the Classes in Roseville page)

Jeanne was a member of the Breastfeeding Task Force of Santa Clara Valley and the ad hoc Hospital Committee. The Task Force is working toward Mother-Friendly work sites and the designation of Baby-Friendly hospitals. Jeanne was also an active member of the Breastfeeding Task Force at Saint Louise Hospital in Gilroy and is a member of the Model Hospital Policy Review Panel. As a recent transplant to Roseville, Jeanne is getting established with similar groups.

Because of Jeanne's strong desire to support and empower women, she co-founded Bay Area Birth Information (BABI) and served on the Board of Directors for several years as Vice President and then Secretary.  BABI's mission is to promote awareness of evidence based maternity care and options, in order to reduce unnecessary birth interventions, improve breastfeeding success rates, and encourage secure bonding between parents and their children. 
Jeanne also co-founded  The-Loft-Family-Enrichment-Center in Morgan Hill. 

Jeanne has three children, two stepchildren and ten grandchildren. She breastfed all three of her children.  It was through a [then] newly formed support group called  La Leche League that she was able to get the information and support she needed to be able to achieve her personal breastfeeding goals. Even back in 1964, it was known that healthy babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months!  This experience was the basis for Jeanne becoming a breastfeeding advocate, compelling her to help other mothers learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and how they can be successful in meeting their own personal breastfeeding goals.

Philosophy ~ 

Jeanne believes that women, who are nurtured, supported, informed, and prepared have a much better chance of experiencing a safer and more satisfying birth. Women who have a more physiological birth (natural, normal birth) tend to have an easier transition into breastfeeding - and so 
do their babies.

A physiological birth brings into play all the necessary hormones that support birth and facilitate the onset of lactation. It is a fact that no mammal who has birth taken from her [with medication, anesthesia and/or surgery] goes on to nurse easily, or even to mother easily. 

It’s not breastfeeding that’s the problem, it’s the birth! For more vital information on the importance of your birth, take a look at Why Your Baby's Birth Matters.  And then, please take a moment to read this current and important paper Normal, Healthy Childbirth - What You Need to Know  - and  share it with other pregnant women you know.

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Jeanne lives in Roseville and serves new mothers in this area.

You can contact Jeanne at: or 916-771-2440