aka The Happiest Baby on the Block

The 1st "S"...Swaddle 
The "DUDU" wrap 

The 3rd "S"... Shhhhhhh    
Learn how to do the other "S's" for a Happy Baby!

The "Happiest Baby" classes are held in Roseville (see Classes in Roseville tab).

Learn the extraordinary approach to calm your baby based on four principles, developed by researcher and pediatrician Doctor Harvey Karp. These principles are vitally important for anyone who wants to understand babies, be skillful at comforting them, reduce new parent stress and improve their sleep.
One major principle you will learn is the calming reflex – the virtual off-
switch for   a baby’s crying.   
New/expectant parents will learn about the  important "fourth trimester" and step-by-step techniques (5 S's) on how to help babies sleep longer and how to soothe even the fussiest infant in minutes…or less!
Jeanne uses discussion, video, handouts, and hands-on role playing so you will feel more confident in youability to know and soothe your newborn.